Name: Jiri Mzourek Photo
Nationality: Czech
Location: Prague, Czech Republic


Experienced manager with a deep knowledge of software engineering and user experience with proven delivery of results

Key Skills

  • Strong execution and project management – delivering high quality results on time.
  • Business focused.
  • Experienced in introducing UX culture (in individual teams, business units, acquired companies, remote sites etc.).
  • All aspects of people management.
  • Building, repairing and maintaining relationships between individuals as well as teams.
  • Experienced speaker.
  • Work with government offices and universities.
  • Building communities.
  • Remote management (different countries, timezones and nationalities).

Main Achievements

  • Successfully people-managed disperse design team (USA and Europe) and its cooperation with local and remote teams.
  • Managed several high profile (re) design projects aligned with the business goals (products adoption, conversion rate etc.).
  • Initiated and have been driving cooperation with Czech Technical University in Prague since 2003, which became to be a crucial partner for Sun in European Union (source of new hires, promotion of Sun technologies and having CTU as a partner helped Sun to get approved EU FP7 projects).
  • Involved in European Union FP7 grants, which were funded by several millions of Euros by EU
  • Led hiring of 8 new team members in a challenging environment (there was no possibility to study this field, so it required careful choice and selecting talented individuals; our cooperation with Czech Technical University in Prague was a big help at that point).
  • Initiated and drove building of the first local usability lab.
  • Initiated and have been driving evangelization of User Experience in the Czech Republic in general (through organization of local World Usability Day conference since 2005; ACM SIGCHI and cooperation with CTU, which helped to the university establish department focused on UX in 2009).
  • Reestablished local chapter of ACM SIGCHI: opened it for the public; established it as an official non-profit organization; turned it into “profitability” in a one year, got major players from the filed as partners; serving as its chair from 2008


February 2011—present:
Senior User Experience Design Manager, AVG Technologies

September 2010—January 2011:
Senior User Experience Design Manager, Oracle Corporation

  • Joined Oracle as result of Sun acquisition.

July 2007—August 2010:
Senior User Experience Design Manager (15 full time employees plus contractors, interns and host managing of additional employees), Sun Microsystems, Inc.

  • Responsible for an international team of user experience professionals (interaction designers, visual designers and user researchers) located in Europe and USA.
  • Responsible for all kinds of products: development tools (NetBeans, Sun Studio), enterprise products (SOA/BI), web 2.0 (Project Kenai, Zembly), platforms (Java FX for desktop and mobile), cloud computing (Q-Layer), product webpages ( and end-user applications (Communications Suite – email, calendar, IM etc.).
  • Cooperating with top management on developing priorities and appropriate assignment of resources.
  • Built relationship with newly supported teams (some of them from acquired companies).
  • Dealing with people management tasks: personnel and organizational challenges, reduction in force, cooperation with remote teams, career development of employees in remote team.
  • Participating on management of overall organization and establishing connections with similar teams in other companies (mainly in the US).
  • Involved in European Union FP7 projects.
  • Participated three times at Sun internal mentoring program SEED as a mentor.
  • Selected projects:
    • JavaFX user research – goal to get data about target audience of the new platform.
    • Experimental designs and prototypes of a new generation of authoring tools for JavaFX.
    • New NetBeans installation and download process
    • Introduction a concept of “permanent UI specifications of a key part of the UI” to increase NetBeans consistency.
    • Leading a project to make UX as the main charter for whole Prague engineering center.


July 2004—July 2007:
User Experience Design Manager (9 full time employees plus contractors and interns), Sun Microsystems, Inc.

  • Responsible for a local team of user experience professionals focused mainly on Sun’s development tools (NetBeans, Sun Studio, Java Studio Enterprise and Java Studio Creator).
  • Close cooperation with remote engineering teams, located mainly in California (which we successfully supported from Prague).
  • Re-established and strengthen the relationship between the User Experience team and other teams, both local and remote.
  • Cooperated with top management on developing of priorities and appropriate assignment of resources.
  • Hired 8 new members of the team (from junior to senior), which formed full featured Prague UX team (visual design, interaction design, user research).
  • People management (personnel and organizational challenges, hiring, reduction in force, cooperation with remote teams).
  • Selected projects:
    • The UI Design of Matisse: a world class, advanced Java GUI builder for NetBeans, Sun currently has pending patents on the UI concepts. It helped to meet NetBeans adoption goal.
    • Redesign of, which had a goal to increase conversion rate (increase number of downloads).
    • NetBeans 6.0: integration of former Java Studio Creator and Enterprise products into NetBeans.
    • Worked on brand compliance with a new Sun Brand, which in our case mainly required to find the most cost effective way how to rebrand thousands of icons.


October 2002—June 2004: Managed the Tools User Centered Design Group in Prague (5 full-time employees and contractors), Sun Microsystems, Inc.

  • Led a transformation of the team from UI development to UI design.
  • Started cooperation between Sun and Czech Technical University, which included a project of building a usability lab in Czech Technical University (CTU).
  • Selected projects I was involved in:
    • Participated on redesign and usability testing of the new core NetBeans paradigms: projects system and window system which appeared in NetBeans 4.x releases.
    • Wrote and reviewed NetBeans UI Styleguide chapters (internal project, not open sourced).
    • Led a project to define Java developer personas and tasks for NetBeans IDE.


September 2000—October 2002:
Tech lead of a team of six developers, Sun Microsystems, Inc.

  • Responsible for establishing relationship and form of cooperation with the rest of Prague engineering teams and the UX design team located in the US. As the result, there was formed “NetBeans UI Team” which was focused on “clean up” (redesign and reimplementation) of the user interface to meet Java Look and Feel Guidelines and other Sun standards.
  • Led a one year project focused on accessibility (Section 508) compliance of NetBeans, which required getting the appropriate know-how, development of testing tools, identification of NetBeans accessibility issues, their fixing and final testing . This project one from the biggest projects of its kind that time and enabled Sun to meet all legal requirements related to accessibility of the product, so it could be shipped on the US market.


July 2000—September 2000:
User Interface Engineer, Sun Microsystems, Inc.

  • Helped to define a charter of newly formed team in cooperation with a local top management.


Senior Engineer, Inter Informatics, s.r.o

  • Developed specialized customer software in Visual Basic and Java for international clients, responsible for end-to-end development cycle: from gathering customer requirements to implementation, testing, writing of documentation, sustaining of old releases and development of special features tailored to individual customers.



1995—2001 Ing. (Masters) in Software Engineering: Faculty of Electrical Engineering of Czech Technical University, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Prague, February 2001

Thesis: Mobile Information System (Java 2 ME), granted by “Nadacni fond CVUT Stanislava Hanzla”

1991—1995 High School of Telecommunication

Lectures and Speaking Engagements

June 2010 Talk about introducing UX into a company (top – down approach)
Konference User Experience (first local commercial UX conference)
April 2010 Open Q&A
First local UXCamp
March 2010 Introduction into UX
Talk organized for Czech & Slovak Professional Community (largest local professional networking community)
March 2010 Talk about UX management
December 2009 User Experience in reality – how does it work in commercial companies Lecture for Czech Technical University students (on request)
November 2009 Prague World Usability Day 2009
Opening presentation
September 2009 Talk about introducing UX into a company (bottom – up approach)
November 2008 Prague World Usability Day 2008
Opening presentation
May 2008 Introduction into Accessibility
Presentation for Czech Technical University students (on request)
November 2007 Prague World Usability Day 2007
Opening presentation
November 2006 Prague World Usability Day 2006
Opening presentation
March 2006 Czech ACM SIGCHI (Prague, Czech Republic)
Introduction and Goals of the Czech ACM SIGCHI
November 2005 World Usability Day (Prague, Czech Republic)
Opening presentation: State of usability in the Czech Republic
September 2005 JavaForum (Prague, Czech Republic)
Introduction of User Centered Software Design
April 2004 CHI 2004 Conference (Vienna, Austria)
Talk and paper with Calum Benson and Matthias Mueller-Prove: “Professional Usability in Open Source Projects: GNOME, and NetBeans”
January 2004 LinuxWorld Expo (New York City)
Talk “Usability of open source projects”
August 2003 KDE Conference (Nove Hrady, Czech Republic)
Talk about usability issues of open source projects
March 2002 JavaOne 2002 (San Francisco, California)
2 talks focused on user interface:

  • “Developing Usable, Robust GUIs with the NetBeans Tool: From Design to Implementation” (BOF-1662)
  • “Developing Robust, Accessible GUIs with the NetBeans IDE” (BOF-1999)
June 2001 JavaOne 2001 (San Francisco, California)
Contribution to a session “Creating Java Foundation Classes (JFC/Swing) API-Based UIs, Following the Java Look and Feel Design Guidelines” (TS-1459)

Additional Training

March 2009 Crucial Conversations (Two days training focused on negotiation)
May 2008 Experienced Manager Essentials Workshop: Three days mandatory training for Sun managers
July 2004 Recruitment
April 2004 Sun Sigma For Everyday Use: Three days training in the Six Sigma methodology
December 2003 Effective Communication Skills
May 2003 Norman Nielsen Group – Usability Days
March 2003 Sun Sigma Orientation Training: Introduction to the Six Sigma methodology
June 2002 Cooper U Interaction Design Practicum: Interaction Design Practicum from Alan Cooper
May 2002 Sun PLCP (Product Life Cycle Process) Core Team Training: training in Sun’s internal development process
Spring 2001 Leadership Training for Managers: Dale Carnegie, Inc.
May 2001 High Impact Communication Skills: Presentation skills training from The Talking Trade Company (UK)


2009 First local book about UX (Uzivatelsky privetiva rozhrani)
Contributed an article about introducing UX into a company
2004 Technical Magazine “Data Management Security”
Article about usability evaluation
2004 CHI 2004 Paper
Professional Usability in Open Source Projects: GNOME, and NetBeans
2000 Technical Journal “Mobil” (6/2000) Java & PalmOS
1999 CSTUG Bulletin 03/99, ISSN 1211-6661 Article about PDFTeX


Czech Native
English Fluent communication
Russian Basic level

Last Update: 7/27/2010